Pahoehoe or Steel Strings. It’s Your Choice.

Mike Upton of Kala demoing the Pyramid steel stings on an acoustic uBass.

Mike Upton of Kala demoing the Pyramid steel stings on an acoustic uBass.

While the Pyramid steel strings are not new for the uBass – we told you about them back in 2012 – Mike Upton of Kala just wants you to know that they are available on the company’s web site and from string retailers. They offer an alternative to the traditional Pahoehoe strings on the uBass.

As Mike says in THIS VIDEO demonstrating the strings on an acoustic uBass, the Pyramid strings offer “high end articulation and good fundamentals.”

If you’re looking for an alternative sound for your uBass, or (gasp!) you want to sound like all the competitive Ukulele basses out there, pick up a set of Pyramid steels. You can get them HERE from Kala (though the web site says currently they are out of stock), or at your favorite online string retailer.

You can get them for your Solidbody uBass too.

Check THIS VIDEO for a comparison between the Pahoehoe and Pyramid strings on an acoustic uBass.


15 thoughts on “Pahoehoe or Steel Strings. It’s Your Choice.

  1. I sourced the Pyramid strings on sale as for “Kala U-Bass” at yet when I emailed them to check which, of two series, I should buy their help desk replied…

    “The Pyramid strings don`t fit on the Kala U Bass.
    I recommend to go for the Red Aquila strings”…

    When I queried the fact that they were advertising them as for the “U-Bass” they again replied…

    “they don`t fit cause the scale is a bit too long for the strings.
    I know about the youtube videos with pyramid strings oin the Kala Bass but we don`t have them in our product range.”…

    So who to believe? And why advertise them as OK for U-Bass?

    • I think they’re mistaken. They may be thinking of the Pyramid strings for a regular bass. Both the Pyramid strings for the SUB and Acoustic uBasses fit perfectly. Maybe they are stuck on Aquila Reds and need to clear them out, so they are pushing them to customers over everything else.

  2. I’ve been using the Pyramids on my USA solid body for quite a while. I use that bass in Electric Rhythm sections and on full Orchestral gigs with Rhythm section. I had to do a dramatic relocation of the bridge to get the intonation right, but after that was done this has become one of my favorite basses to play … along with a 64 Jazz mod’ed with my Dbass extension neck, and a custom 5 string. The bass gets lots of attention when used in aggressive rock/funk grooves … and it stands up great to other traditional electric basses. One drummer recently told me it was his favorite bass. I also added a madagascar arm rest so it feels like a J bass when standing or sitting … I have sent pictures to Kala if anyone is interested.

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