The Anniversary Celebration Continues

Kala's ad for the fifth anniversary of the uBass.

Kala’s ad for the fifth anniversary of the uBass.

I noticed a new ad for the uBass in the April 2015 issue of Bass Player Magazine. Looks like Kala is continuing the instrument’s 5th Anniversary celebration.

It’s a nice, simple ad that gets the point across.

Happy Birthday uBass.


2 thoughts on “The Anniversary Celebration Continues

  1. Is it possible to have KALA CUSTOM made a California series all black satin stain all over. Does this series really sound like an upright

    • You can probably contact Kala and see if the Custom Shop will make you one to your specs. The uBasses sound similar to an upright bas, but not exactly. I would call it reminiscent of an upright.

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