Cheeseburgers and uBasses in Paradise

Jimmy Buffett bassist Jim Mayer and his uBass.

Jimmy Buffett bassist Jim Mayer and his uBass.


Jimmy Buffett’s longtime bassist Jim Mayer has played his uBass on several of Buffett’s albums. In fact, he says it’s usually a hit with the fans at their shows.

Mayer recently spoke to For Bass Players Only:

At Buffett’s concerts, one of the things that really helps the bassist stand out is his diminutive Kala U-Bass, which is essentially a ukulele built to play as a bass. While it may not have the girth of other basses, Mayer consistently blows audiences away with its sound.

Mayer has played the U-Bass on several of Buffett’s albums and taken it on tour with the Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band to Europe. He told FBPO that it does “an excellent job filling in the gaps in the midrange tones” in Buffett’s music. He also said it sounds great on reggae tunes too.

“Everybody I’ve played it for or played it with just can not believe how huge the tone is out of that tiny instrument,” the bassist says. “It still sounds enormous!”

Calling the uBass an “amazingly versatile instrument,” Mayer says he usually always has one on stage with him.

You can read the full interview HERE.