Ed Friedland’s “Plan C”

Ed Frieldans shows off his solidbody uBass.

Ed Frieldans shows off his solidbody uBass.

Bass player and teacher extraordinaire Ed Friedland, who in addition to keeping an extensive teaching schedule plays upright bass in The Mavericks, brings along a solidbody uBass when he’e on the road in case something happens to his upright.

In a recent video with Geoff Chalmers of Discover Double Bass and Scott’s Bass Lessons, Ed says he keeps the uBass as a backup and calls it his “Plan C” in case something happens to his main bass. And he even brings it out to show Geoff.

You can catch the full video HERE. Ed talks about his uBass starting at 3:28.


Nik West and Her Relationship with the uBass

Nik West and her uBass in her video for the song "My Relationship." Photo: YouTube Screen Capture.

Nik West and her uBass in her video for the song “My Relationship.” Photo: Video Screen Capture.


Bass diva Nik West just released on her Facebook page a new video of her song “My Relationship,” which features two of my favorite musicians – herself and shredder extraordinaire Orianthi – and one of my favorite musical instruments, the Kala uBass. In the video Orianthi a scorching guitar solo. But more importantly, Nik’s solidbody uBass makes a number of appearances throughout the video.

The video, for the song “My Relationship” from her second album Say Something, is about 3 minutes and 33 seconds long. In it, Nik plays two of her Fender Dimension basses. She also sports her solidbody uBass a whopping 13 times in the video! I sat there and counted each appearance. The first appearance is at about 28 seconds into the video.

Yes, I know. It’s just a tad obsessive.

But the video is definitely worth watching. It would be worth it even if it didn’t feature the uBass so prominently. The song is very rock/funk oriented. It’s always fun to watch Nik play. She has a great voice and is an incredible bass player. She also writes catchy tunes.

Check out the video for the song. Then buy the album.

First Look at Kala’s New Upright uBass

Frescia Belmar playing the new Kala Upright uBass.

Frescia Belmar playing the new Kala Upright uBass.

It looks like Kala brought a prototype of its new upright uBass to Bass Player Live this past week.

Bass Player magazine posted a short clip of Chilean bassist Frescia Belmar playing one. The magazine says they will be available sometime in 2016.

From This Clip, it looks like the new uBass upright may have taken some inspiration from the Hofner Beatle bass. It also looks to be a solidbody. From the clip, the scale looks to be about the same as a short scale bass, possibly 28″ or 30″. This one looks to have Pahoehoe strings on it.

I bet it would sound great with metal strings.

How It All Began

The Original uBass.

The Original uBass.

Kala is celebrating the beginning of a revolution: The launching of the original uBass in 2009.

In their words:

This week is U-Bass appreciation week! We’re celebrating the five years of the U-Bass and its meteoric rise in that short amount of time. The launch of the extraordinary, Original Kala U-Bass took place at the summer NAMM show in Nashville catching the attention of some of “Music City’s” top bassists. A true revolution in the bass world had officially begun.

If you’re a fan of the uBass, head on over to their Facebook page and “like” it.

NOTE: As reader Dennis pointed out, this is not actually the original uBass, as the first ever uBass released was purely acoustic. The one in the photo is A/E. I should have noticed myself, but didn’t. Especially since I have the first version hanging on the wall right in front of me. It’s nice to know someone is paying attention and keeping me honest.