How It All Began

The Original uBass.

The Original uBass.

Kala is celebrating the beginning of a revolution: The launching of the original uBass in 2009.

In their words:

This week is U-Bass appreciation week! We’re celebrating the five years of the U-Bass and its meteoric rise in that short amount of time. The launch of the extraordinary, Original Kala U-Bass took place at the summer NAMM show in Nashville catching the attention of some of “Music City’s” top bassists. A true revolution in the bass world had officially begun.

If you’re a fan of the uBass, head on over to their Facebook page and “like” it.

NOTE: As reader Dennis pointed out, this is not actually the original uBass, as the first ever uBass released was purely acoustic. The one in the photo is A/E. I should have noticed myself, but didn’t. Especially since I have the first version hanging on the wall right in front of me. It’s nice to know someone is paying attention and keeping me honest.


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  1. Wrong picture of the original ubass as the original ubass had no volume/tone control on the side.

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