Nik West and Her Relationship with the uBass

Nik West and her uBass in her video for the song "My Relationship." Photo: YouTube Screen Capture.

Nik West and her uBass in her video for the song “My Relationship.” Photo: Video Screen Capture.


Bass diva Nik West just released on her Facebook page a new video of her song “My Relationship,” which features two of my favorite musicians – herself and shredder extraordinaire Orianthi – and one of my favorite musical instruments, the Kala uBass. In the video Orianthi a scorching guitar solo. But more importantly, Nik’s solidbody uBass makes a number of appearances throughout the video.

The video, for the song “My Relationship” from her second album Say Something, is about 3 minutes and 33 seconds long. In it, Nik plays two of her Fender Dimension basses. She also sports her solidbody uBass a whopping 13 times in the video! I sat there and counted each appearance. The first appearance is at about 28 seconds into the video.

Yes, I know. It’s just a tad obsessive.

But the video is definitely worth watching. It would be worth it even if it didn’t feature the uBass so prominently. The song is very rock/funk oriented. It’s always fun to watch Nik play. She has a great voice and is an incredible bass player. She also writes catchy tunes.

Check out the video for the song. Then buy the album.


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