Now That’s Funny

Mahogany uBass with metal roundwound strings.  Photo: Kala UBass Facebook Page.

Mahogany UBass with metal roundwound strings. Photo: Kala UBass Facebook Page.


So I was perusing Kala’s Facebook page (as I am wont to do on many occasions) and I ran across what is probably the funnies exchange I’ve heard in a long time – at least on Facebook anyway.

Kala posted a photo of its acoustic uBass with metal roundwound strings (see photo above) and had this to say about it:

Solid Mahogany Ubass with Round Wound strings? Well that’ll sound good just about anywhere.

And then this exchange took place:

Jan: Is that a frog inlay on the headstock?
Kala UBass: A toad to be more precise.

But, wait, there’s more:

Semion: Wait, those strings are metal? Why doesn’t the instrument break?
Kala UBass: Magic.

Magic, indeed.



Yes, the uBass Can Do Salsa Too!

Alvaro playing Slasa on his acoustic Mahigany uBass.

Alvaro playing Salsa on his acoustic Mahogany uBass.

Here’s a nice video of my friend, Colombian bassist Alvaro Martín Gómez Acevedo, doing some Salsa on his newly purchased Mahogany uBass.

The backing track for this video is the 1978 hit “El Cocinero Mayor” by Fruko Y Sus Tesos with Álvaro José “Joe” Arroy on lead vocals.

Check out Alvaro’s YouTube channel at Alvabass.