They’re Almost Here!

Bakithi Kumalo with his signature Kala uBass.

Bakithi Kumalo with his signature Kala uBass.


The new 2016 USA California Series uBasses, that is. Tomorrow, August 12 is the big day. That’s when they will be available to order through Kala’s web store.

According to the company:

Tomorrow the 2016 California UBasses will be released and available for purchase! We will be including a free brand new Kala UBass T-Shirt with every UBass as well as offering a 10% discount coupon to all customers who order a Ubass! We will also provide free shipping to all U.S. customers!

A free T-Shirt and free US shipping. You can’t beat that.

The new uBasses will be available to order through Kala’s web store here starting tomorrow.

The company notes that the series has been completely updated for 2016:

The California UBass has been cut and sanded to a smoother, more rounded shape–providing ultimate comfortability. We coat the wood in semi-gloss, UV-cured polyester which is durable and environmentally friendly. This is also our largest UBass yet with an overall length of 28.75 inches for 4 strings and a 32.75 inches length for 5 strings!

One of the biggest changes to the news series is in the neck. The new uBasses now sport offset face dot markers, which Kala says offers “a fresh new look and greater visibility” when playing. They updated the neck joint contour for greater access to the upper frets. The uBasses also have a slimmer neck profile.

Kala also posted a neat little video on its Facebook page of the new series being constructed. Check it out here.

And if that’s not enough, Kala also is offering individual customizations on new uBass purchases. Contact the company for more details and pricing.

Keep any eye on Kala’s Facebook page because the company is offering a 10% discount code to purchasers of the new series uBasses.


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  1. What about 5-string basses please?

    sent from Delboy’s clockwork, yet steam-driven, mobile wireless telephone apparatus

    • The entire California Series line has been updated, so that means the 5-strings have been too. Well see later today what they look like when Kala debuts them.

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