The Book is Out. Get it Now.


Learn to Play the UBass is available now from the Apple iBooks Store.

One wonders where Magnus Sjöquist found the time at Winter NAMM between jam sessions, partying with famous bass players and hanging out at the Kala booth to release his new book about playing the uBass. But find the time he did.

The book, Learn to Play the UBass, is available now from the Apple iBook store for $14.99.

We told you earlier this month that Magnus was planning on releasing the book at the NAMM show. He wasn’t lying. The book is interactive, features tons of information and easy to follow videos. It’s a worthwhile investment at twice the price.

Magnus made a short video promoting the book. You can watch it here.

Head on over to the iBooks Store and pick up your copy now.


3 thoughts on “The Book is Out. Get it Now.

  1. Just struggled and finally learned to play Moon Over Bourbon Street with my new foot tambourin, and I’m hooked. Well done, Magnus! I’ll be ordering your new book today.

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    Thanks Dean!
    If you haven’t now is the time to head over to the iBooks Store and get your copy! …and if you do please give it a review…I really think you will like the ebook!

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