Should We? Or Shouldn’t We.

For almost seven years, we’ve been writing about the awesome Kala uBass. We started this blog in 2010 because the uBass rocks, and it was unique at the time. If you wanted an affordable little bass based on a ukulele, there wasn’t much choice back then.

But that’s changed. Today, Kala has plenty of competition in the uBass field.

So that’s why I’d like your feedback on whether or not we should expand our coverage to include non-Kala brand uBasses, very short scale travel basses and similar instruments like the Kala Paddle bass. We’ll still provide coverage of Kala and its uBass models, but we think there might be an appetite for coverage of non-Kala products as well. This will not only give us other brands to write about, but also compare how the competition fares against Kala.

Our main focus will still be on the Kala uBass, but we’ll also let you know about those instruments that are trying to compete head-to-head with them.

So we’d like to hear from you. Send us a comment about whether or not you think expanded coverage is a good idea, or if you’d rather keep things the way they are.

Or use the poll above and vote for how you want us to proceed. The poll will be live for a week.

So vote early and vote often. (Actually you can only vote once, just like in real life.)


2 thoughts on “Should We? Or Shouldn’t We.

  1. Yes, you should !

    The Ubass is a concept, the Ashbory was a familiar one before.
    Now, there’s many copys.
    However, there’s some luthiers or original dudes ( like me) that creates
    alternatives in this little big bass world !
    But in the great Web ocean, they’re not easy to find.
    So this blog could be like a kind of bassuke island 🙂

    Thank you for your work.



  2. Spread out! Kala will always be a cut above in my opinion, but I teach uBass and people are always asking which uBasses are best or which ones would suit them, so any help to sort the wheat from the chaff would be great!

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