Now, Where Have I Seen This Before?

Fender U2

Fender Adam Clayton Signature basses in Purple Sparkle Gloss.    Photo: Fender Musical Instrument Co.


Hmmm. Now this looks pretty familiar.

Fender is making Signature Series basses for U2’s bass player Adam Clayton. The Signature Jazz Bass and Signature Precision Bass will come in what the company calls “limited edition purple sparkle gloss.”

Now, where have I seen this before? Oh, yeah, Here and Here.

Looks like Nik West and Kala are trend-setters.


One thought on “Now, Where Have I Seen This Before?

  1. Great blog post! I had the exact same thought when I saw those signature Fender basses for Adam! 🙂
    It’s easy to understand why Nik wanted a purple ubass…maybe Adam is a big Prince fan too?
    But the first purple ubass was not Nik’s signature…
    My friend Ben made a custom purple solid body from one of the solid body ubass kits Kala used to have for sale! 🙂
    (I think you can still make them if you but the parts separately in the Kala web store).

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