The Journeyman in the Hands of a Master


Magnus Sjöquist demoing the new Kala Journeyman uBass at the Winter NAMM show.          Photo: Kala Brand Music Co.


Kala posted on its Facebook page a photo (above) of our friend and uBass player extraordinaire Magnus Sjöquist demoing their new Journeyman uBass at the Winter NAMM 2018 pre-show.

I’m sure Magnus will have a full review for us to read on his Play UBass! blog once he returns from the show.

Kala also says a video is coming soon. So stay tuned.



And Now For Something Completely Different…


Kala will be introducing the new Striped Ebony uBass at Winter NAMM 2018. Photo: Kala Brand Music Co.


Kala comes to Winter NAMM 2018 armed with new – and pretty cool – uBass and Ukulele models.

In the uBass Department, we have what is arguable Kala’s coolest model, the Striped Ebony uBass.

According to the company:

This beautiful U•Bass has a deep brown color with reddish-brown striping in a satin finish. The Maple binding creates a striking contrast with the Striped Ebony body, helping the wood grain stand out.

Kala also notes that the Striped Ebony comes equipped with a GraphTech TUSQnut, Hipshot Ultralite tuners, and a Shadow uBass NFX preamp with EQ and built-in tuner.

The new model will be available in fretted and fretless, with Pahoehoe strings. Kala Round Wound strings are also available as an option.

Four Years in the Making



Kala updated the Rumbler uBass with new electronics and a built-in tuner. Photo: Kala Brand Music Co.


The Kala Rumbler uBass is getting an update.

Four years after being introduced, the Rumbler now sports electronics by Shadow Electronics and a built-in tuner. It also has Silver Rumbler strings by Aquila.

Kala notes the Rumbler is the most affordable uBass in its lineup at $420.


New uBass Models on the Way



Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 3.23.34 PM

New uBasses from Kala will include The Wanderer (left), The Passenger (center) and The Journeyman (right).


Kala has teased us with the news that it will be announcing new uBass models for 2018. There will be three new models in the initial release and hopefully more to come throughout the year.

According to Kala, the new models include The Wanderer (left in the photo), The Passenger (middle) and The Journeyman (right).

The Wanderer, the company notes, is “durable, travel friendly, and fitted with a clean and simple design.” It will come in Mahogany. It is expected to retail for $269.99

The Passenger is also made of Mahogany, Kala says, and features “handsome white binding and rosette as subtle stylish ornamentations.” It will retail for $299.99.

Kala says The Journeyman is “the grandest in our new UBass line up.” It is made of Mahogany and has a white binding and decorative f-holes. It will retail for $359.99.

Stay tuned for more information as Kala announces it.

A Unique Concept in Uke Music


The 6-song EP from Sweetwater Studios features music played with Kala Ukuleles and uBasses.


Progressive Rock played on Ukuleles? Including the uBass?

Well, yes. That’s the concept behind the band UniKuE (Get it? It spells unique and Uke at the same time. Clever, huh?)

UniKuE is also the title of a six song EP created with Kala Ukuleles, uBasses, drums and vocals. There is not a guitar in sight. Not even a Kala Tenor Guitar.

The concept is pretty simple – and impressive:

The UniKuE concept was born when South African bassist Bakithi Kumalo (Paul Simon) made a visit to the Sweetwater Studios with his Kala U-Bass. Producer Mark Hornsby loved the sound of the bass and wanted to do something that featured the instrument. Mark, along with drummer Nick D’Virgilio and guitarist Don Carr, came up with the idea of recording a few songs using not only the Kala U-Bass, but the whole Kala Ukulele family.

The tracks on the EP include:

  1. Living In The Past (Jethro Tull)
  2. Closer To The Heart (Rush)
  3. Frame By Frame (King Crimson)
  4. Kid Charlemagne (Steely Dan)
  5. Going To California (Led Zeppelin)
  6. Roundabout (Yes)

Sweetwater music, the online music retailer, produced the EP in their studios, recruiting top-tier musicians and producers. Bakithi Kumalo plass uBass on Steely Dan’s “Kid Charlemagne” and Jethro Tull’s “Living In The Past”. Adrian Belew plays on King Crimson’s “Frame by Frame”.

You can purchase the EP as an audio CD or download for $9.99 from Sweetwater.

Shop the PlayUBass Store


Now you can buy official PlayUBass merchandise.


As you probably know, we are big fans of Magnus Sjöquist and his PlayUBass web site.

If you are too (and even if you aren’t) now you can show your loyalty by shopping at the PlayUBass store.

Magnus just opened his shop and now you can buy such merchandise as T-Shirts, mugs, hoodies and more. And for a limited time you will get a link to a free mp3 and video of Magnus’s not yet released song from his “Speaking Ubass Vol. 1 Jazz and Brazil” with your purchase!

So head on over and pick up a few items for the Holiday Season.

Get 10% Off the California Series

2016 California Series

Kala is offering 10% off all California Series uBasses and part until the end of the year.


From now until the end of the year (that’s 11 days from now), Kala is offering 10% off all California Series uBass instruments and parts purchased through its online store.

Just enter the code “UBASS17” at checkout to get your 10% discount.

Hurry, before you miss out.