There’s Good News. And Bad News.



Mike Upton says Kala is working on a Ubass newsletter. Photo: Kala


The good news that now there’s a new source of uBass information you can sign up for.

The newest entry is from none other than Kala themselves. They’ve been sending out an Ukulele-centric newsletter for years. Now they’ve decided to do a uBass-centric newsletter as well.

Really, Kala?

Just kidding. We welcome the company.

Besides, what could be better than getting the info from the horse’s mouth, as it were.

According to Mike Upton:

We received feedback requesting a separate newsletter solely focused on the U-Bass. We took your advice, and you can now sign up to receive our brand new U-Bass newsletter.

You can sign up for just the uBass newsletter, just the Ukulele newsletter, or for both. At the bottom of every page on the Kala web site there’s a sign-up box. Just put your email in and you’re good to go.

If you’re already a subscriber to Kala’s Ukulele newsletter, you can update your preferences to include the new newsletter on their web site.

We can’t wait for the first issue to hit our mailbox.

And now the bad news: Kala says they are discontinuing the acoustic California Series uBasses, in order to make room for new and improved models.

In a note on the Kala Facebook page, the company had this to say:

The Kala Acoustic California UBasses will be discontinued and production on these beautiful basses will cease to exist as we put our heads down and start work on the development of our next generation of Kala California Acoustic UBasses over these next six months.

The company notes it has two fretless and one fretted Koa model available for purchase. Get them while you still can. Once they are gone, that’s it for the current Acoustic California uBasses.


Black Friday California uBass Sale Coming!

Kala is offering 10% off its California Series uBasses in a Black Friday sale.

Kala is offering 10% off its California Series uBasses in a Black Friday sale.


Kala announced it is holding a Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale on its California Series uBasses.

From Nov.25 to Nov.28, Black Friday Weekend here in the U.S., the company is offering 10% off its California Series uBasses. You’ll also get a free Kala USA T-Shirt with your purchase.

The deal is only available for purchases through Kala’s web store.

Handmade. Right Here in the U.S.A.


Kala’s figured Solid Maple California Series uBass.


Kala plans to make available two new models of uBass in its California Series next month in its online store.

The company said it will make available two handmade acoustic/electric models – one in figured Solid Maple and one in Solid Koa. The California Series currently consists of 4-string and 5-string Solidbody models.

“These basses will represent the pinnacle of acoustic UBass tone and sound,” Kala says.

The company says it will release more information and photos soon – presumably the price and detailed specs – on the two models. Kala plans to make the models available for purchase on October 14.

As they say, watch this space.

Happy Birthday To Us!


The uBass Appreciation Society is Celebrating its Sixth Birthday Today.

The uBass Appreciation Society is Celebrating its Sixth Birthday Today.


Today is August 23 and it’s our Sixth Birthday.

On this day in 2010, the uBass Appreciation Society sprang to life, celebrating everything that is the Kala uBass. As with our first post, our singular focus was then, and still continues to be, the uBass that Kala brought into this world in 2007.

So sit back, pop a cold beverage, get out your uBass and read a few of our previous posts to celebrate our birthday. Click on any month in the Archives links to the right and relive the past of the uBass.

Not to toot our own horn or anything…well, OK, to toot our own horn…We’ve seen our traffic steadily increase over the past six years. We’re not talking Google-size traffic or anything, but it’s pretty good for a little ad-free blog covering a very narrow subject area.

WordPress tells us that in the past six years we’ve had more than 55,000 visitors and more than 182,000 views of our 254 posts. So far we’ve got 31 followers (with a number of them with us for five years). And that’s to say nothing of the people who pop in and out at various times.

I’d just like to say thank you to everyone for your loyalty. Keep reading. And we’ll keep writing.

Win Your Very Own uBass

Anel Orantes Pedrero and Kala are giving away a uBass.

Anel Orantes Pedrero and Kala are giving away a uBass.


Kala and bassist Anel Orantes Pedrero have teamed up and are giving away a brand new uBass to one lucky winner.

Just follow the instructions in the photo above and you’re entered to win.

But be quick about it, because Kala is giving away the uBass tomorrow.

Good luck!

Now That’s Funny

Mahogany uBass with metal roundwound strings.  Photo: Kala UBass Facebook Page.

Mahogany UBass with metal roundwound strings. Photo: Kala UBass Facebook Page.


So I was perusing Kala’s Facebook page (as I am wont to do on many occasions) and I ran across what is probably the funnies exchange I’ve heard in a long time – at least on Facebook anyway.

Kala posted a photo of its acoustic uBass with metal roundwound strings (see photo above) and had this to say about it:

Solid Mahogany Ubass with Round Wound strings? Well that’ll sound good just about anywhere.

And then this exchange took place:

Jan: Is that a frog inlay on the headstock?
Kala UBass: A toad to be more precise.

But, wait, there’s more:

Semion: Wait, those strings are metal? Why doesn’t the instrument break?
Kala UBass: Magic.

Magic, indeed.


Yes, the uBass Can Do Salsa Too!

Alvaro playing Slasa on his acoustic Mahigany uBass.

Alvaro playing Salsa on his acoustic Mahogany uBass.

Here’s a nice video of my friend, Colombian bassist Alvaro Martín Gómez Acevedo, doing some Salsa on his newly purchased Mahogany uBass.

The backing track for this video is the 1978 hit “El Cocinero Mayor” by Fruko Y Sus Tesos with Álvaro José “Joe” Arroy on lead vocals.

Check out Alvaro’s YouTube channel at Alvabass.