The uBass on Tour with Magnus Sjöquist

Magnus Sjoquist backstage with his uBasses.

Magnus Sjoquist backstage with his uBasses.


Recently, our friend Magnus Sjöquist did an 18-show tour of his native Sweden and took a couple of his uBasses along.

According to Magnus:

The tour that started in October last year finished with a sold out show in the prestigious Berdwalldhallen, home of the Swediah Radio Symphonic Orchestra in Stockholm. All in all we played 18 shows. On the first four shows I used my Bakithi Kumalo signature solid body for six of the 18 songs in the show that celebrated the life and music of Ted Gardestad.

He also made a live CD of the shows. While the CD is only available for purchase at his live shows, Magnus was kind enough to offer some sound clips on his website PLAY UBASS!

Magnus notes that the songs on the CD include:

  • “Chapeau Claque”(Bakithi Kumolo Signature Solid Body Ubass) This song is so much fun to play. It really takes a while getting used to the combined meters throughout the song! I used the solid body here relying on its warm and round sound!
  • “Angela” (Bakithi Kumolo Signature Solid Body Ubass) This song is a bit folky and I go “full country” with a root-five motion in the verses! Since I didn’t bring a P-bass [Fender Precision Bass] on the tour the solid body doubles as one. And does a very good job!
  • “Äntligen på väg” [Finally On Our Way] (Spruce fretless acoustic/electric Ubass) For the “unplugged” feel of this song the acoustic/electric was a easy choice. It sounds perfect here and it also looks killer!
  • “När Showen är Slut” [When the Show Has Ended] (Bakithi Kumalo Signature Solid Body Ubass) Once again I’m looking for a P-bass-ish sound.
  • “Satellit” [Satellite] (Bakithi Kumolo Signature Solid Body Ubass) This song is so much easier to play on a ubass compared to a regular full scale electric bass! I also sing backup vocals on this one and the extended fingering I use makes it easy to focus on both bass part and vocal part since I don’t have to look at the Ubass during the choruses because I don’t need to do any position shifts. I first used this approach when we did concerts back in 2012 featuring this song.
  • “Ag Vill ha en Egen Måne” [I Want My Own Moon] (Spruce fretless acoustic/electric Ubass) For the encore I use the acoustic/electric again. It feels so good the let people have the “sight memory” of this wonderful instrument in their minds as they leave the concert hall.

You can listen to snippets of these songs on Magnus’s web site HERE.