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Part of the Kala uBass display at the Winter NAMM 2018 Show, via Bass Musician Magazine‘s Instagram.


A Little uBass Eye Candy for You


Bass Musician uBass Porn

uBasses in the Kala booth at Winter NAMM 2017.


I found this photo on Bass Musician Magazine‘s Instagram. It’s from the Kala booth at Winter NAMM 2017.

See if you can name all the different uBass models.

Paddle Bass First Look



Magnus Sjöquist demonstrates Kala’s new Paddle uBass at Winter NAMM 2017.


Last month we told you that Kala introduced a new type of uBass called the Paddle Bass, aimed at the educational market and first-time bass players.

We mistakenly told you that it was not a uBass. Well, according to Mike Upton, it indeed is a uBass.

Thanks to Bass Musician magazine, we have a video of Mike and our friend Magnus Sjöquist demonstrating the Paddle Bass at Winter NAMM.

Click Here to watch the video.

As usual for Bass Musician, the camerawork is not the best, but the video is still watchable and informative. Besides, they are a bass publication, not a video publication, so I guess I should cut them some slack.

Mike says the Paddle Bass is the “most simple uBass” that Kala has created.

He explains that the new uBass is a one-string instrument meant for new players and kids. It comes in three tunings: the keys of “E,” “F” and “G.” It also features magnetic fretboard overlays for each tuning marking the notes at each fret.

The Paddle is meant to be played in your lap, mountain dulcimer style. But it looks like it would be a lot of fun to put a strap on it and play it like a one-string bass guitar.

If you belong to a mountain dulcimer club or a ukulele club, I can see this as being a fun addition to the group, enabling you to lay down some simple bass accompaniment.

No word yet on availability or price. But stay tuned. As soon as we know anything, we’ll let you know.

I’d love to get my hands on one and do a proper review for you guys and gals. Keep it tuned here for more information as it comes in.


Bass Musician Catches Up with Magnus


Magnus Sjöquist talks to Bass Musician magazine about his new uBass iBook.


Bass Musician magazine caught up with our friend Magnus Sjöquist at Winter NAMM and got him to stand still long enough to give a little preview of his new iBook “Learn to Play the UBass.”

Check out the video here, where Magnus previews his new book.

Bass Musician Mag Looks at the Solidbody


Raul Amador of Bass Musician Magazine reviews the California Series Solidbody uBass.


Raul Amador, Executive Editor of Bass Musician Magazine, has just posted a review of the California Series Solidbody four string uBass on the magazine’s YouTube channel.

Amador says he’s really impressed with the “thought that has gone into designing and coming up with a functional solid” uBass like the California Series. He also notes the improved 2-band EQ in the California Series and the innovative charging mechanism for the system.

Check out Bass Musician’s review HERE.

And as we noted a few days ago, Kala is holding a Black Friday Sale next weekend on the California Series uBasses. You can pick one up for 10% off the regular price.

Featured at NAMM 2016

Mike Upton in the Kala booth at NAMM 2016.  Photo: YouTube screen capture

Mike Upton in the Kala booth at NAMM 2016. Photo: YouTube screen capture

Kala highlighted its acoustic Bubinga uBass at Winter NAMM this year, along with its Solidbody 5-string electric. Both are available with the company’s new roundwound metal strings.

In this video posted by Bass Musician Magazine, Mike Upton showcases the two updated uBass offerings.

Whoever shot this video needs some lessons on where to point the camera, however. Whenever Mike is talking about a specific feature of the uBass, the camera is focusing on his face, not the thing he’s actually talking about.

Cinematography 101 people.

The Face of the uBass

Kala's Mike Upton runs through the new uBass offerings at Winter NAMM 2015.

Kala’s Mike Upton runs through the new uBass offerings at Winter NAMM 2015.


Belongs, of course, to Kala’s head honcho Mike Upton.

In this video from the recently completed Winter NAMM 2015 show, uploaded by Bass Musician magazine, Mike runs down the new uBass offerings Kala has in store.

One piece of news that’ll interest bass players is that reggae great Robbie Shakespeare is now a Kala uBass Artist.