It Doesn’t Get Any better Than This

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Nik West with her Signature uBass at the Kala booth at Winter NAMM.


Kala and Nik West.

About as close to perfection as you can get.


A Dream Come True – Part 2

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Nik West’s 5-String Signature uBass. Photo: Bass Player Magazine Instagram

Recently we told you about Nik West’s first Signature California Series Solidbody uBass, the Purple Unicorn four string model. Well, now there’s a five string version as well.

Bass Player Magazine posted a photo of the new uBass on its Instagram from its Bass Player Live 2017 Show.

And it’s a beauty. Similar in specs to the four string, except with an extra string (of course).

No word yet on when Nik and Kala will stop teasing us with these and make them available to the general public for purchase.

Slappin’ the Funk Out of a uBass

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Nik West playing her rendition of Prince’s “Kiss” on her Signature Solidbody uBass.                Photo: YouTube screengrab


Not that we’re obsessed with Nik West and her purple uBass or anything (OK, we are. So sue us.)

Ms. West just uploaded a funky rendition of Prince’s “Kiss” using her new Signature uBass. She notes the song is played “clean” without any effects.

Here it is on YouTube for you to enjoy.

And while you’re at it, here’s the original Prince version, which by the way, doesn’t have an actual baseline.

A Dream Come True


Nik West Signature UBass

The Nik West Signature California Series uBass in all its glory. Photo: Nik West


At least bassist Nik West’s dream anyway.

Last month we teased you with a first look at Ms. West’s Signature California Series uBass. Well, here’s what the uBass will look like when it’s done.

Nik posted this on her Instagram and Kala reposted it to it’s own Instagram. Or was it the other way around? Who knows. These things can be so confusing at times.

Anyway, the point is, the Nik West Signature uBass is ready for prime time.

Hopefully it’ll be available to buy soon for all of us non-signature worthy bassists out there.


Bass Musician Mag Looks at the Solidbody


Raul Amador of Bass Musician Magazine reviews the California Series Solidbody uBass.


Raul Amador, Executive Editor of Bass Musician Magazine, has just posted a review of the California Series Solidbody four string uBass on the magazine’s YouTube channel.

Amador says he’s really impressed with the “thought that has gone into designing and coming up with a functional solid” uBass like the California Series. He also notes the improved 2-band EQ in the California Series and the innovative charging mechanism for the system.

Check out Bass Musician’s review HERE.

And as we noted a few days ago, Kala is holding a Black Friday Sale next weekend on the California Series uBasses. You can pick one up for 10% off the regular price.

Black Friday California uBass Sale Coming!

Kala is offering 10% off its California Series uBasses in a Black Friday sale.

Kala is offering 10% off its California Series uBasses in a Black Friday sale.


Kala announced it is holding a Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale on its California Series uBasses.

From Nov.25 to Nov.28, Black Friday Weekend here in the U.S., the company is offering 10% off its California Series uBasses. You’ll also get a free Kala USA T-Shirt with your purchase.

The deal is only available for purchases through Kala’s web store.

Open for Business


Kala’s new California Series Acoustic/Electric all solid Maple uBass


As we noted in a previous post, Kala is making a new bunch of California Series Acoustic/Electric uBasses available for purchase on their web site.

Well, they are now live and you can purchase either the Koa or the Maple version in fretted or fretless for $1,699.00 now.

As Kala notes:

The California Acoustic-Electric UBasses are officially available for sale on our web store! Each one is a finely handcrafted and meticulously built instrument designed with extreme attention to stylistic and sonic detail. They come in both a Koa and Maple model and represent the pinnacle of acoustic UBass sound.

Get them while they’re hot!