Kala Shows Fretless Rumbler at NAMM 2015

Kala's fretless Rumbler uBass.

Kala’s fretless Rumbler uBass.


Kala brought it’s new fretless Rumbler uBass to the NAMM Show.

Here’s a video showcasing the fretless uBass.

The fretless Rumbler sells for $419, same as the fretted version.


Exotic Top Custom Shop Kalas Now Available

Interested in owning a one-of-a-kind Kala Custom Shop uBass? Thought you would

Kala Custom Shop Sapele Top 4-String Fretless uBass.

Kala Custom Shop Sapele Top 4-String Fretless uBass.

never be able to afford one?

Well, you can. And you can.

Kala just announced that its Custom Shop has seven unique exotic top instruments (solidbody USA uBasses) available for sale.

According to the company, the inventory is as follows:

  • Maple AAA Top 5 String Fretless SN #06130687 KA-SB5FL-XTCwBAG  $1,399.00
  • Koa AA Top 5 String Fretless SN #06130686 KA-SB5FL-XTCwBAG  $1,399.00
  • Myrtle AAA Top- 4 String Fretless SN #06130708 KA-SB4FL-XTCwBAG  $1,199.00
  • Myrtle AAA Top 5-String Fretless SN #06130691 KA-SB5FL-XTCwBAG   $1,399.00
  • Walnut AAA Top 4-String Fretted SN #06130703 KA-SB4FS-XTCwBAG   $1,199.00
  • Silky Oak Top 4-String Fretted SN #06130705 KA-SB4FS-XTCwBAG   $999.00
  • Sapele Top 4-String Fretless SN #06130710 KA-SB4FL-XTCwBAG   $999.00

Kala is offering these uBass models direct and with free International shipping.

2012 uBasses on Sale at Gollihur Music

Gollihur Music is Offering 10% Off Select 2012 uBass Models

Gollihur Music is Offering 10% Off Select 2012 uBass Models

UPDATE 5/23: I’d like to thank the guys at Gollihur Music for reading the blog and appreciating what I do here. Thanks for your support and keep reading!

If you’re looking to pick up a Kala uBass, there’s no better time than right now, because New Jersey-based retailer Gollihur Music is running a sale on the 2012 models.

Gollihur is offering 10% off the following uBass models for a limited time:

  • Fretted – Gloss Black/Mahogany $465 $418.50 with basic gig bag
  • Fretted – Spruce/Spalted Maple $575 $517.50 with basic gig bag
  • Fretted – Hutch Hutchinson Signature $455 $409.50 with padded gig bag
  • Fretted – Solid Acacia $650 $585 with semi-hard foamshell case
  • Fretted – Spruce Top/Mahogany Back $450 $405 with basic gig bag
  • Fretless- Solid Mahogany $550 $495 with semi-hard foamshell case
  • Fretless – Spruce Top/Mahogany Back $450 $405 with basic gig bag

You can call them at 856-292-3194 or buy from their web site. Just put the uBass you want in the shopping cart and if it’s still in stock, the discount will be applied automatically. If the uBass you want is not in stock, you can substitute any of the 2012 models in stock and still get the discount.

In case you’re worried about Gollihur not being reliable, don’t be. They are an authorized Kala dealer and one of the best retailers to deal with. I bought both my Mahogany acoustic and Hutch Hutchinson models from them on Kala’s recommendation.