Big Funk in a Small Package

Nik West performing "People Pleaser" on the acoustic uBass. Photo: Facebook video capture

Nik West performing “People Pleaser” on the acoustic uBass. Photo: Facebook video capture

Here’s a video of the great Nik West bringing the funk with her acoustic uBass.

The song is called “People Pleaser” and was written by Andy Allo.

Accompanying Nik are Kim Steele on guitar and Kevan Aaron on cajon.


Bass Player Live 2014 uBass Clinic

Abraham Laboriel Sr. and Bukithi Kumalo on stage at Bass Player Live 2014.

Abraham Laboriel Sr. and Bakithi Kumalo on stage at Bass Player Live 2014.


If you were lucky enough to be at Bass Player magazine’s 2014 Bass Player Live show on November 8-9 in Los Angeles, then you probably saw the uBass clinic live. If you weren’t there, you can still enjoy the clinic thanks to Kala, which posted the highlights in a vide on its YouTube channel.

The clinic was hosted by Abraham Laboriel Sr. and Bakithi Kumalo. Those in attendance were treated to a duet by the two bass greats, with Laboriel on an acoustic uBass and Kumalo on his signature Solidbody.

Check out the video Here.

Highlights from the show include:

The presentation of Abraham Laboriel’s Bass Player Lifetime Achievement Award, followed by a performance by Open Hands, with Abraham, keyboardist Greg Mathieson, saxophonist Justo Almario and drummer Bill Maxwell.

A VSOP clinic performance by Abraham Laboriel, Bakitihi Kumalo (Paul Simon) and Hutch Hutchinson (Bonnie Raitt), presented by Kala.

If you play bass, then the Bass Player Live event is like heaven for you. All that bass talent in one place would make anybody want to immediately run out an buy a uBass – or two.

Playing a Little Bass

Screen Shot 2013-01-19 at 11.04.54 PM

Hutch Hutchinson, Abraham Laboriel, Bakithi Kumalo and Steve Bailey jamming at the Kala uBass Day.

Wow! Just, Wow!

This is what’s possible with a uBass in the hands of a master. And in this case, the uBass is in the hands of not one, but three, masters.

Check out this video from last month’s Kala uBass Day at the Berklee College of Music. Here, Hutch Hutchinson, Abraham Laboriel, Bakithi Kumalo and Steve Bailey jamming together with three uBasses and a Warwick six-string bass.

It’ll blow you away.

A New Supergroup?

The coolness from Winter NAMM just keeps on coming.

Kala Brand Music Co. has uploaded to its YouTube site a video of Bakithi Kumalo and James Hill jamming on Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean.”

The action took place in the Kala booth with Kumalo on uBass and Hill on a Kala Acacia Tenor Ukulele.

Put on the headphones and turn it up loud!

More uBass Videos

There’s been a distinct lack of uBass news lately, so I thought I’d post some cool videos featuring a uBass for your viewing and listening pleasure.

These are definitely worth checking out:

As always, Magnus Sjoquist is worth watching. Here’s a new video from him, part of his Jammin’ with a uBass series.

Our friend WS64 has a new video cover of Willie Nelson’s “Me and Paul.”

Sebastiano Mereu has a pretty nice cover of Maroon 5’s “Misery.”

Here’s a nice original by Astro Defenders and the Goose (pictured above) called “Sergeant Annie.”



uBass Covers

I received a note from WS64 in Germany. He’s recorded an album of cover versions–14 songs–with the uBass as the bass and other instruments. You may know of his work from his YouTube channel and his “Don Williams” covers.

Here’s a taste of what he has to offer. If you like his stuff, maybe you can buy the album from him.

He notes that he’s using the uBass unplugged on all the songs it’s used on. Other instruments include ukulele, piano and a fretless bass for on track.