Two Beauties

Kala PU

The Nik West Signature uBass. And the cover of Ms. West’s latest single.


Kala posted these photos on its Facebook page today.

Check out the purple goodness of the Nik West Signature uBass.

And check out Nik’s music as well.


The Last of its Kind


Once this Kala Solid Koa Acoustic U-Bass is gone, that’s it for the current California Series models. Photo: Kala Facebook Page


Like the dinosaurs, the original Kala California Koa Acoustic U-Bass is going extinct.

Kala posted on its Facebook page photos of the last California Koa Fretless available, saying once it’s gone, they will be gone forever. Only to be replaced by a new, improved series coming in 2018.

Kala had this to say about the California Koa:

Our finest creation in the acoustic U-Bass world. Meet the All Solid Koa Acoustic U-Bass made right here in Petaluma, Ca. Our manufacturing team has put a lot of effort into making sure this bass is everything you want it to be. Extravagant wood grain figure, a neck formed perfectly to your palm, the highest quality components and electronics, and hand finished for the best natural finish you’ve ever witnessed.

And this about its future:

This the LAST available model of this instrument EVER after this final fretless U-Bass sells this series will be discontinued and those wanting a California acoustic U-Bass will have to wait until 2018 for the next development in the U-Bass series.

Even though we have to wait a year for the new series to emerge, I’m sure it will be worth it. It’s hard to see how Kala could improve on the California Series, but then, not many people could envision a U-Bass in the first place, then Kala introduced one, so we’ll wait with great anticipation.

Win the One That Started it All


To celebrate 100,000 Facebook followers, Kala is giving away an acoustic Mahogany uBass.               Photo: Kala Brand Music Co.


In celebration if it’s gaining 100,000 followers on Facebook, Kala is giving away a Fretted Solid Mahogany Acoustic uBass. The one that started it all.

Begin your Father’s Day weekend with the boom of the U•Bass. The Original U•Bass model—the thundering Solid Mahogany U•Bass—is where it all started. With the sound of an upright bass in a compact package, what better way to celebrate dads!

For a chance to win, check out Kala’s Facebook page. There’ll be a post there with all the details on how to enter.

Good Luck!




Magnus and Mickey jamming on their uBasses in the Kala Booth at Winter NAMM 2017.


Here we have Magnus (Sjöquist) and Mickey, jamming on their uBasses at the Winter NAMM 2017 Show.

Magnus is playing a signature Bakithi Kumalo Fretless uBass and Mickey is on a Kala Exotic Mahogany uBass strung with Roundwound Strings

This video was posted on Kala’s Facebook page. Give it a look.

The Book is Out. Get it Now.


Learn to Play the UBass is available now from the Apple iBooks Store.

One wonders where Magnus Sjöquist found the time at Winter NAMM between jam sessions, partying with famous bass players and hanging out at the Kala booth to release his new book about playing the uBass. But find the time he did.

The book, Learn to Play the UBass, is available now from the Apple iBook store for $14.99.

We told you earlier this month that Magnus was planning on releasing the book at the NAMM show. He wasn’t lying. The book is interactive, features tons of information and easy to follow videos. It’s a worthwhile investment at twice the price.

Magnus made a short video promoting the book. You can watch it here.

Head on over to the iBooks Store and pick up your copy now.

The Kala Booth at NAMM is the Place to Be

Abe Laboriel playing a uBass in Kala's booth at WInter NAMM.

Abe Laboriel playing a uBass in Kala’s booth at WInter NAMM.

Do not under any circumstances find your way over to Kala’s Facebook page. Or if you’re lucky enough to be at the NAMM show, stay away from their booth.

Why? Because after watching all the videos of great bass players playing a uBass, or actually seeing these guys in person playing one, you’ll 1). question your talent as a bass player, 2). want to buy every model uBass Kala has on display and 3). wonder why anyone would want to ply any other instrument.

Over on Kala’s Facebook page, there’s a nice video of Abraham Laboriel playing one of the new USA-made acoustic/electrics. And at 0:24 in the video Abe apparently is very impressed, because you can hear him say “Wow!” That tells you everything you need to know about the new uBasses.

By the way, Mr. Laboriel’s son, Abe Jr. is currently Paul McCartney’s touring drummer. He’s been with McCartney since 2001.

There’s also a video of Hutch Hutchinson playing a Spruce acoustic/electric.

There’s also pics and videos of Mike Merritt, Steve Bailey, Philip Bynoe and others who stopped by the Kala booth to check out the new uBasses.

I think it’s fair to say that the new models will be just as big a hit, if not bigger, than the originals.

Even the uBass does Facebook

If you need your uBass fix, head on over to Kala’s Facebook page for the uBass. They are constantly adding new content, such as videos of cool uBass performances by the pros (and even some talented amateurs). There are tons of photos.

And check out the photos from uBass Day at the Musicians Institute.

While you’re at Kala’s Facebook page, give ’em a “Like.”

And get a load of that cool uBass Appreciation Society link.

Thanks guys.