Putting the Journeyman Through its Paces


Magnus Sjöquist puts the new Kala Journeyman uBass through its paces at Kala’s headquarters. Photo: Kala Facebook Video Screen Capture


If you were wondering how the new Kala Journeyman uBass sounds, wonder no more.

Here’s a video of our friend Magnus Sjöquist giving the new uBass a workout.



The Journeyman in the Hands of a Master


Magnus Sjöquist demoing the new Kala Journeyman uBass at the Winter NAMM show.          Photo: Kala Brand Music Co.


Kala posted on its Facebook page a photo (above) of our friend and uBass player extraordinaire Magnus Sjöquist demoing their new Journeyman uBass at the Winter NAMM 2018 pre-show.

I’m sure Magnus will have a full review for us to read on his Play UBass! blog once he returns from the show.

Kala also says a video is coming soon. So stay tuned.


Open for Business


Kala’s new California Series Acoustic/Electric all solid Maple uBass


As we noted in a previous post, Kala is making a new bunch of California Series Acoustic/Electric uBasses available for purchase on their web site.

Well, they are now live and you can purchase either the Koa or the Maple version in fretted or fretless for $1,699.00 now.

As Kala notes:

The California Acoustic-Electric UBasses are officially available for sale on our web store! Each one is a finely handcrafted and meticulously built instrument designed with extreme attention to stylistic and sonic detail. They come in both a Koa and Maple model and represent the pinnacle of acoustic UBass sound.

Get them while they’re hot!