A Dream Come True


Nik West Signature UBass

The Nik West Signature California Series uBass in all its glory. Photo: Nik West


At least bassist Nik West’s dream anyway.

Last month we teased you with a first look at Ms. West’s Signature California Series uBass. Well, here’s what the uBass will look like when it’s done.

Nik posted this on her Instagram and Kala reposted it to it’s own Instagram. Or was it the other way around? Who knows. These things can be so confusing at times.

Anyway, the point is, the Nik West Signature uBass is ready for prime time.

Hopefully it’ll be available to buy soon for all of us non-signature worthy bassists out there.


First Look: Nik West Signature Solidbody


Nik West Signature

A sneak peak at the Nik West Signature uBass.     Photo: nikwestbass Instagram


Here it is. A first look at the newest in the line of Kala Signature uBasses. The Nik West Solidbody, in – what else – Purple Sparkle.

This one is a four string. No word yet on when these will hit the shelves or how much they’ll cost.

Ms. West previewed this on her Instagram. She notes it’ll have Roundwound strings.

I’m sure she’ll let us know when they are ready for the masses.

Stay tuned.

Who Says the uBass Doesn’t do Sexy?



Nik West, relaxing in a nice, hot bubble bath after a gig.


Certainly not our friend Nik West.

She posted this photo to her Instagram yesterday for National Bubble Bath Day (yes, it’s a thing).

See if you can spot the uBass in the photo. I hope she didn’t get it wet!

She didn’t mention who took the photo, so I can’t credit them, otherwise I would. If you’re reading this Nik, let me know who to credit for the pic.

Happy Birthday Nik West

Kala uBass Artist Nik West.

Kala uBass Artist Nik West.

Kala uBass artist and super funky bass player Nik West is celebrating her birthday today. Celebrate the birth of this amazingly talented bassist by viewing her videos on YouTube and streaming her music.

Happy Birthday Ms. West. And many more.

Big Funk in a Small Package

Nik West performing "People Pleaser" on the acoustic uBass. Photo: Facebook video capture

Nik West performing “People Pleaser” on the acoustic uBass. Photo: Facebook video capture

Here’s a video of the great Nik West bringing the funk with her acoustic uBass.

The song is called “People Pleaser” and was written by Andy Allo.

Accompanying Nik are Kim Steele on guitar and Kevan Aaron on cajon.

Nik West and Her Relationship with the uBass

Nik West and her uBass in her video for the song "My Relationship." Photo: YouTube Screen Capture.

Nik West and her uBass in her video for the song “My Relationship.” Photo: Video Screen Capture.


Bass diva Nik West just released on her Facebook page a new video of her song “My Relationship,” which features two of my favorite musicians – herself and shredder extraordinaire Orianthi – and one of my favorite musical instruments, the Kala uBass. In the video Orianthi a scorching guitar solo. But more importantly, Nik’s solidbody uBass makes a number of appearances throughout the video.

The video, for the song “My Relationship” from her second album Say Something, is about 3 minutes and 33 seconds long. In it, Nik plays two of her Fender Dimension basses. She also sports her solidbody uBass a whopping 13 times in the video! I sat there and counted each appearance. The first appearance is at about 28 seconds into the video.

Yes, I know. It’s just a tad obsessive.

But the video is definitely worth watching. It would be worth it even if it didn’t feature the uBass so prominently. The song is very rock/funk oriented. It’s always fun to watch Nik play. She has a great voice and is an incredible bass player. She also writes catchy tunes.

Check out the video for the song. Then buy the album.

Nik West on the uBass: It’s Brilliant!

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 4.07.11 PM

Jon Liebman of For Bass Players Only recently interviewed bass player and uBassist Nik West and asked her about playing the uBass.

“They sound amazing,” West says. “I slap on the acoustic one. I’m a funk player and I try to utilize that uBass with everything I do.”

Ms. West says the main reason she likes the uBass, aside from its huge sound, is that it’s small. She can play it in hotel rooms on the road if she needs to practice or if whomever she’s playing bass for decides to change the set list at the last minute. She’s even played it on airplanes, she says.

Check out the video interview with Nik West HERE. She talks about the uBass starting at 3:03.

By the way, we agree with Nik. The uBass is brilliant.