Buy ‘Em By the Dozen



Oh No! Magnus fell and spilled all his uBasses!

You should be more careful my friend.


The Journeyman in the Hands of a Master


Magnus Sjöquist demoing the new Kala Journeyman uBass at the Winter NAMM show.          Photo: Kala Brand Music Co.


Kala posted on its Facebook page a photo (above) of our friend and uBass player extraordinaire Magnus Sjöquist demoing their new Journeyman uBass at the Winter NAMM 2018 pre-show.

I’m sure Magnus will have a full review for us to read on his Play UBass! blog once he returns from the show.

Kala also says a video is coming soon. So stay tuned.


Shop the PlayUBass Store


Now you can buy official PlayUBass merchandise.


As you probably know, we are big fans of Magnus Sjöquist and his PlayUBass web site.

If you are too (and even if you aren’t) now you can show your loyalty by shopping at the PlayUBass store.

Magnus just opened his shop and now you can buy such merchandise as T-Shirts, mugs, hoodies and more. And for a limited time you will get a link to a free mp3 and video of Magnus’s not yet released song from his “Speaking Ubass Vol. 1 Jazz and Brazil” with your purchase!

So head on over and pick up a few items for the Holiday Season.

Bass Musician Catches Up with Magnus


Magnus Sjöquist talks to Bass Musician magazine about his new uBass iBook.


Bass Musician magazine caught up with our friend Magnus Sjöquist at Winter NAMM and got him to stand still long enough to give a little preview of his new iBook “Learn to Play the UBass.”

Check out the video here, where Magnus previews his new book.

The Book is Out. Get it Now.


Learn to Play the UBass is available now from the Apple iBooks Store.

One wonders where Magnus Sjöquist found the time at Winter NAMM between jam sessions, partying with famous bass players and hanging out at the Kala booth to release his new book about playing the uBass. But find the time he did.

The book, Learn to Play the UBass, is available now from the Apple iBook store for $14.99.

We told you earlier this month that Magnus was planning on releasing the book at the NAMM show. He wasn’t lying. The book is interactive, features tons of information and easy to follow videos. It’s a worthwhile investment at twice the price.

Magnus made a short video promoting the book. You can watch it here.

Head on over to the iBooks Store and pick up your copy now.

It Was Bound to Happen Sooner or Later


Armin Alic (left) and Magnus Sjöquist - The Ubass Ambassadors.

Armin Alic (left) and Magnus Sjöquist – The Ubass Ambassadors.

You knew this was going to happen eventually. The world’s first uBass band! And I’m proud to say that it’s the brainchild on my friend Magnus Sjöquist of PLAY UBASS fame. The band, called the The Ubass Ambassadors, have released their first song, “Mr. Z.” It’s a collaboration between Magnus and fellow uBass musician Armin Alic.

Check out the video HERE.

According to Magnus, the song began like this:

It all started with a drum loop, a chord progression and then a little, if I may say so, catchy melody. We arranged the song together adding keyboard, synths, FXs and a guitar part. The melody was then recorded on UBass (two octaves) and synth. We also overdubbed the melody with our voices!

The two met in 2013 at Frankfurt Musikmesse, Magnus notes, and a collaboration was born.

I for one am looking forward to more music from the Ubass Ambassadors.

A Must-Read Blog

Well, yeah, this is a must-read blog (in my opinion anyway!), but I am referring to the amazingly talented Magnus Sjoquist’s uBass blog “Play UBass!

Go there, bookmark it and come back here. I’ll wait.

Not only does our friend Magnus feature videos of his playing the uBass at gigs, he also has playalongs, lessons and tips on playing our favorite little Ukulele/Bass. And he even has free transcriptions of some of the stuff he plays at gigs. Now how’s that for generous.

With all his gigging and having a life and everything, it’s a wonder he has enough time to pack his blog full of all the stuff he offers.

Thankfully, he does.

So go check it out for yourself. Magnus would appreciate it.

And so would we.