New uBass Models on the Way



Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 3.23.34 PM

New uBasses from Kala will include The Wanderer (left), The Passenger (center) and The Journeyman (right).


Kala has teased us with the news that it will be announcing new uBass models for 2018. There will be three new models in the initial release and hopefully more to come throughout the year.

According to Kala, the new models include The Wanderer (left in the photo), The Passenger (middle) and The Journeyman (right).

The Wanderer, the company notes, is “durable, travel friendly, and fitted with a clean and simple design.” It will come in Mahogany. It is expected to retail for $269.99

The Passenger is also made of Mahogany, Kala says, and features “handsome white binding and rosette as subtle stylish ornamentations.” It will retail for $299.99.

Kala says The Journeyman is “the grandest in our new UBass line up.” It is made of Mahogany and has a white binding and decorative f-holes. It will retail for $359.99.

Stay tuned for more information as Kala announces it.